Coffee & Crosswords |  a Beauty and the Beast Coffee Shop AU 

Catherine is Belle’s owner. She inherited the family business 10 years ago. When Vanessa -Catherine’s mom- passed away her father, Thomas, couldn’t bear the thought of spending another day in the place. For Catherine was the exact opposite, the good memories helped her cope with the loss and she didn’t want Belle’s to become a soulless coffee shop chain. The place was homey, quiet and felt like a second home to most of the workers at New York General Hospital, that’s why people love it so much. That and because everybody loved Catherine, she always had this gorgeous smile on her face that was able to cheer people up, even on bad days. Plus she made excellent coffee and delicious pastries.

Vincent is a surgeon, he’s been working at New York General for the last six months. He mostly keeps to himself, after losing his brothers he built this wall around himself, instead of holding on to his loved ones, he pushed them away, because if you don’t care, you can’t get hurt. In the end, they gave up on him. Except, JT, -his best friend- he was stubborn enough to stick around through thick and thin. He was the one who recommended Belle’s to him. He likes to go there after his shift is over. It’s quiet, his favorite spot is always empty when he gets there and the coffee’s great. But lately he feels like coffee is not the reason why he needs to go to Belle’s right before the day is over.

According to Tess - a nurse that works at NYG and also happens to be Catherine’s best friend- Vincent is an amazing doctor but has zero social skills. She had told her a million times that she shouldn’t even bother with the guy but there’s something about him. He’s polite but never engages in conversation. He sits for hours on the same corner table, quietly does his crosswords and even though he only orders coffee -black, no cream, two sugars- he always leaves a huge tip.

Will Catherine be able to take down those walls? Will Vincent let her?

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